LBA International Limited today unveiled further improvements to their UK manufacturing capabilites.  The increased use of automation within the helmet and plate production processes is ensuring products of unequalled quality and performance.  This combined with the expertise and experience gained by a company with over 30 years in the personal armour industry, inhouse ballistic and stab test ranges, ISO9001 from LRQA ensures optimum performing armour systems.


LBA International Limited was acquired by its senior management team on 1st February 2007. LBA International Limited was formed by the merger of Lightweight Body Armour Limited with the assets of RBR International Limited in May 2001. Lightweight Body Armour Limited was established in 1976. The company has a leading position in the international market for the quality and reliability of LBA armour products. Products are supplied to police and military end users in 92 countries, including NATO and UN forces.


MACH Helmet Range (Military Advanced Combat Helmet)

The web site now includes details of 3 new style helmets traded as MACH I, II & III. These helmets are all manufactured from the basic PASGT but have been cut away to produce 3 distinctly different styles which can be selected according to the end users specific needs. The new designs have reduced the overall weight of each helmet and enabled the user to have more use of his key senses of sight and sound. The MACH range of helmets remains compatible with all current NVG equipment and radio systems. The weight saving of the MACH III large against the standard PASGT is considerable and weighs only 1.240 Kgs for a level III A, yet still provides full ballistic protection.

Helmet F6T

The new TETRAMID® material used in the construction of the F6T Helmet now offers a greatly reduced helmet weight without any deterioration in the ballistic performance or area of cover.

The new LBA International F6T Helmet is now produced with a 30% weight reduction, which equates to some 285 grams compared to the normal material used in the PASGT helmet. This new technology is applied to our popular Combat, PAS-TAC, PASGT and De Mining helmets


Combination Plate

The new technology used in our lightweight F6T helmet has now been incorporated in the Hard armour Plates which fit to the front and back of the Ballistic Vests.
These plates which are now in production are stand alone with the capability of stopping upto six shots of 7.62 x 51 ball ammunition or three shots of 7.62 x 63 (.30-06 AP-M2) ammunition which is in excess of the NIJ level IV requirement). This remarkable combination level III/IV known as the CPTA® only weighs 2.8 kilos, which is some 30% lighter than any comparable plate offering a saving of 800 grams in weight.

PA3 Plate

LBA Internationals continual research into the ballistic performance of our plates has enabled us to design a plate based on new technology that rivals the American Interceptor SAPI plate, but at greatly reduced costs. The LBA International plate has the ability to stop 6 AP rounds with minimal deformation or splitting of the back face.
This remarkable plate, which has an Arial density of 24.5 kg/M2 has successfully been tested by HP White Laboratories in the USA and is now being offered to clients world wide. The plate remains much lighter than standard ceramic plates, the 10 x 12” size weighing only 1.95 kgs.

Tests against this plate have included:

5.56 x 45 SS109 (US MU 855) ammunition 6 shots stopped.
AK47 PS and Soviet Ball ammunition 6 shots stopped.


NATO 7.62 x 51 M61 AP ammunition 6 shots stopped.

SOFT ARMOUR [2 April 2004]

LBA International has successfully trailed the TETRAMID SOFT®, which is now used throughout the LBA International range of vests. This material provides more flexible and softer armour, which considerably adds to the comfort and mobility for the wearer. In addition to added comfort there is also a further reduction of 25% in weight compared to the standard vest material.

Updated September 2007

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