A US style military helmet, but with improved performance to weight characteristics.

LBA Internationals own version of the widely adopted 'PASGT' Helmet (the US Personal Armour System Ground Troops' protection system) uses the Company's unique advanced processing techniques to provide enhanced shell protection, at lower weight, with an improved comfort factor.

The improved harness system not only improves comfort, balances and stress fatigue but only uses 5 bolts as opposed to the normal 8 in the standard US Version. The harness also absorbs shock in excess of the standards laid down in EN 397.

Contact LBA with your operational requirements and details of the protection levels the helmet must provide.

LBA International Limited manufactures all Helmets under strict UK/European quality control standards.


Size To fit head
Typical weights(g)
    F3/F4 F5/F6
Medium 54-59cm 1150 1350
Large 57-66cm 1250 1450
New TETRAMID Helmet™
Medium 54-59cm - 1065
Large 57-63cm - 1165
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