The LBA Paratrooper Helmet is produced in the styles of either the Combat or PASGT according to the customer's choice. The differences to the individual Paratroop Helmet is in the internal fitments of the helmet which provide increased protection to accept the additional inertia involved in parachuting.

The LBA Paratroop Helmet when adapted for use by airborne forces exceed the EN966 standards required.

Key Features
• Available in PASGT or COMBAT styles
• Full Ballistic range
• Available in standard colours of Black, Navy, Grey, UN blue, Khaki
• Additional impact absorbing liner
• Fully adjustable crown
• Accept acceleration of up to 250G
• Outer cloth Camouflage cover (optional)
• Bolt Free Helmet
• 3 point Harness Attachment with Quick Release Straps

Contact LBA with your operational requirements and details of the protection levels the helmet must provide.

LBA International Limited manufactures all Helmets under strict UK/European quality control standards.


Standard Helmet (Pas-tac or Combat)
Size To fit head
Typical weights(g)
    F1/F2* F3/F4 F5/F6
Medium 52-56cm 1000 1200 1350
Large 56-59cm 1100 1300 1450
* For Combat Only
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