The Mine Clearance Helmet has been designed specifically for the task of demining which requires the addition of a ballistic visor. Protection levels of the Helmet are normally up to F3 but can be increased to F5/F6 if required. Standard protection for the visor is @500 m/sec for fragmentation or 240 m/sec. The visor is removable and can be adjusted to different positions.

Key Features
• Full range of ballistic levels
• Visors available from 240 m/sec up to 650 m/sec
• Visors are detachable and adjustable
• Manufactured from Lightweight Tetramid™ materials
• Helmet balanced to accept additional visor weights
• Supplied with bolt free harness system
• 3 point harness attachment points and fully adjustable for exact fit
• Available in Medium and Large Sizes

Contact LBA with your operational requirements and details of the protection levels the helmet must provide.

LBA International Limited manufactures all Helmets under strict UK/European quality control standards.


Size To fit head size Typical weights(g)*
Medium 54-59cm 1250
Large 57-63cm 1350
Medium 54-59cm 1010
Large 57-63cm 1085
* Helmet weights exclude visor
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