The Defender is a unique style of ballistic helmet, which introduces improved comfort and fit when using ear defenders.

In addition to the same high anti-ballistic and impact trauma protection properties afforded by the other helmets in the range, the LBA Defender features full compatibility with circum-aural ear defenders such as the Peltor H61 F and the Davies CT 100. This makes the helmet an ideal candidate for use by special tactical teams who require both ballistic protection and communication/hearing protection.

The Defender Helmet was originally developed for the Swedish army (helmet 90) and has undergone considerable revision since then to improve comfort, reduce weight, and meet new exacting standards.

Contact LBA with your operational requirements and details of the protection levels the helmet must provide.

LBA International Limited manufactures all Helmets under strict UK/European quality control standards.


Size To fit head size Typical weights(g)
Medium 54-60cm 1400
Large 57-64cm 1500
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