Lightweight Body Armour Ltd (LBA Ltd), renamed in March 2001 as LBA International Ltd was originally established in 1976 following five years of extensive research into the effects of ballistic attacks by high and low velocity munitions against high performance plastics.

LBA International Limited benefits from the experience of all personnel within the group and the company continues to invest in the latest state of the art ballistic technologies, providing the highest levels of protection to law enforcement officers throughout the world.

Innovation, the highest quality control standards and the ability to achieve what is normally thought impossible enable the company to claim world leadership in the field of high performance body armor, military helmets, shields and ballistic protection.

In March 2001 LBA International Limited acquired RBR International Ltd and now manufactures the RBR range of bullet proof vests and helmets in addition to those previously supplied by Lightweight Body Armour Limited.

LBA International products are in use in over 120 countries.

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