Organisation Business and Structure  
Safariland UK Ltd. is part of The Safariland Group of companies, headquartered in the United States, which encompasses a group of recognized and well-respected companies known for life-saving technologies. Safariland UK Ltd. designs and manufactures Ballistic & Stab Resistant Body Armour, bullet proof vests and military helmets through its affiliates, AEGIS Engineering Limited and LBA International Limited (collectively the "Company").
Company Supply Chain
Company supply chains include the sourcing of ballistic materials, fabrics and trims with 99% of purchases sourced from companies in Europe or suppliers in the UK.

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy
The Company is committed to strictly adhere to applicable laws, regulations and high standards of ethical conduct.  This commitment is reflected in our Ethical Sourcing Policy and we expect our supply chain to abide by the terms of this Policy. 
Due Diligence Process
In relation to slavery and human trafficking in business and supply chains:

  • Suppliers are required to complete a Corporate Social Responsibility Questionnaire and a denied party check is done. 
  • We encourage our suppliers to become members of SEDEX. 
  • Agency Staff are hired via UK based companies who must adhere to UK laws and regulations. 
Risk Management
With respect to the parts of the business and our supply chains where there is a risk of slavery and human trafficking taking place, the following are steps taken to assess and manage that risk:

  • 99% of our procurement takes place within the UK or Europe which allows better control of the supply chain
  • Agencies providing staff are registered UK companies therefore must comply to UK Laws and regulations, furthermore these agencies must provide the correct evidence of work permits for any employees hired to ensure compliance to these laws and regulations.
Effectiveness Performance Indicators
Regarding measuring the effectiveness in ensuring that slavery and human trafficking is not taking place in our supply chains, there are currently no such indicators in place.  The Company intends to develop key performance indicators, including a supply chain review, training for employees and suppliers and obtaining annual certifications from suppliers.
In relation to training and capacity building about slavery and human trafficking, the company is evaluating training programs with a view to implementing mandatory training in 2018.

This statement is made pursuant to Section 54 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 for fiscal year 2017.

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