Since 1976 Lightweight Body Armour products have been issued to military, police, law enforcement, press agencies and diplomats worldwide.

Operationally proven and tested in all climates and conditions.


German Army - BWD
British Army
British Police
Norwegian Army
Norwegian Police
Norwegian Airforce
Czech Republic Police
Russian Presidential Guard
Tunisian Presidential Guard
Nigerian Army
Saudi National Guard
United Nations
Sri Lankan STF and Navy
New Zealand Navy
New Zealand Army
Nepalese Police
Pakistan Army
Pakistan Police
Kuwait Army
South Korean Police
Argentinean Police
US Law Enforcement Agencie
US Armed Forces
US Central Intelligence Agencies

Malaysian Police
Australian Army
Dubai Police
Qatar Army
Abu Dhabi Police
Indian Army
Danish Special Forces
Swedish Police
NATO Forces
Italian Ministry of Justice
Portuguese Army
Gibraltar Police
Jamaican Defence Force
Kenyan Police
Hong Kong Police
Greek Police
Abu Dhabi - Emiri Guard / Police
Lebanese Army
Uruguay MOD
French Army, Navy & Police Units
News Agencies

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