The LBA International T-Shirt bullet proof undervest is a sleeveless body armour garment designed to be worn under the tunic. The material covers used for this covert vest are thermal adjusting and are ideally suited for the hotter and more humid climates. The outer cover is produced in a Lycra type material which offers a very unobtrusive finish to the garment. Fully adjustable with a single closure under one arm.

The TSV can incorporate either anti - stab panels or be fitted with the latest TetranikeŽ lightweight flexible armour inserts which offer the highest levels of ballistic protection, maximum safety and mobility for the user.

LBA International Limited manufactures the TSV under strict UK/European quality control standards.

Key Features
• Supplied in thermo regulating materials and in Lycra to give a clean finish.
• TetranikeŽ lightweight ballistic panels provide for optimum protection and flexibility to the wearer
• Lightweight - Only 2kg for Medium size vest Level IIIA Protection

Contact LBA with your operational requirements and details of the protection levels the armour must provide. Individual vests will be supplied with the precise armour, anti-ballistic, anti-stab or high velocity, appropriate to your needs.


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