The LBA International Ltd COV is a sleeveless bullet proof garment designed to be worn under the tunic.

The COV is fully adjustable and the latest TetranikeŽ flexible armour panels combine lightweight with the highest levels of anti-ballistic protection, providing maximum safety and optimum mobility for the user.

LBA International Ltd manufactures the COV under strict UK/European quality control standards.

Key Features
• The jackets can incorporate LBA contoured anti-stab or high velocity up-armour panels and can be supplied in other colours according to specification.
• The lightweight TetranikeŽ armour panels can be quickly removed for maintenance purposes.
• Meets all international police anti-ballistic test standards
• Maximum reduction to trauma
• Robust construction offers minimum maintenance
• Lightweight high performance materials for maximum comfort and mobility

Contact LBA with your operational requirements and details of the protection levels the armour must provide. Individual vests will be supplied with the precise armour, anti-ballistic, anti-stab or high velocity, appropriate to your needs.


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