Standard body armour plate Hard Tetramid body armor plate Polythene bullet proof vest plate Body armour outer covers Bullet proof vest carry bag

A Ceramic Composite plate available in either NIJ Level III or IV.
Size: 10" x 12"
(250 x 300 mm)

A special plate designed by LBA and manufactured from Tetramid®. This single plate offers protection up to NIJ Level IV. A weight of 2.8 kilos which is 30% lighter than the standard plate by a reduction of 800 grams.

A lightweight plate which offers protection against high velocity ammunition. Weight 1.65 kilos.

Spare Covers are available in any style and standard colours.

Designed to carry any LBA vest or De-Mining Suit.

NOTE: LBA also offer Anti-stab plates up to 40 Joules

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