The 200 Series of bullet proof vests have been designed to cover General Police activities leading up to a full tactical body armor vest for operational situations.

Available in many styles to suit individual requirements.

General features include:
• Neck Protection (Optional)
• Over the Shoulder Cover (Optional)
• Quick draw groin protector (Optional)
• Side, back and front protection
• Fully adjustable shoulder and side panels for exact fit
• Full Ballistic protection up to NIJ IIIA
• Plate Pockets for LBA up-armour plates Level III or IV
• Additional pockets
• Full size & Colour range
• Washable outer covers in Polycotton Codura or Nomex materials




Contact LBA with your operational requirements and details of the
protection levels the armour must provide. Individual vests will be
supplied with the precise armour ant-ballistic, anti-stab or high
velocity, appropriate to your needs.

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